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Engineering, Design, EV Charge, PV System


1- Engineering Excellence: Our company is a leader in engineering, managing a range of projects from design to quality control, and conducting thorough examinations for diverse engineering endeavors.

2- Renewable Energy Impact: With a track record of successfully implementing solar energy projects exceeding 10 megawatts, we demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable solutions and technological advancement in the renewable energy sector.

3- EV Chargers & EV Cars: In the electric vehicle space, we excel in the production of high-quality EV Chargers (SEE MORE), establishment of charging stations, and importation of cutting-edge EV Cars (SEE MORE), showcasing our dedication to innovation in the evolving electric mobility landscape.

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Contracting, Operation, Maintenance​

sal construction

1- Efficiency and Excellence: Our company excels in efficient project planning and execution, ensuring high-quality construction while adhering to budget constraints.

2- Client-Centric Communication: With transparent and proactive communication, we prioritize client satisfaction, providing regular updates and addressing concerns throughout the construction process.

3- Sustainable Solutions: Differentiating ourselves, we integrate environmentally sustainable practices, showcasing a commitment to responsible construction and long-term project success.

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Contracting, Operation, Maintenance​


1- Global Sourcing Expertise: Our company stands out for its global sourcing capabilities, with a strategic emphasis on importing high-quality goods from diverse countries, notably fostering key relationships with suppliers in China.

2- Integrated Supply Chain Solutions: Beyond conventional trading, we provide a seamless supply chain solution by efficiently delivering a wide range of materials to affiliated companies within our group, ensuring their projects and operations thrive.

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bensyan group

In 2008, Bensyan Group was established in Aqaba, marking the beginning of a journey encompassing a diverse portfolio of enterprises.

Under its expansive umbrella, several companies contribute their unique expertise, each with distinct tasks and specialized fields.

  • Notable entities within the group include Bensyan Engineering Technology Company, dedicated to comprehensive engineering services encompassing design, supervision, and testing.
  • Sal Construction Contracting Company focuses on all facets of construction and implementation.
  • Additionally, Hoyood Energy Systems Company excels in the realm of import and export.

This diversified structure reflects our commitment to excellence across various domains and underlines the versatility encapsulated in the essence of Bensyan Group.

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