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CEO & Founder

Eng. Mohannad Alqudah

From a simple idea in 2008 to a global solar solutions leader, I’m humbled by Bensyan’s journey. Our values diversity, excellence, equality fuel our growth. Seeing unique perspectives thrive here, and driving innovation, is my greatest joy.

Technical Manager


My role in Bensyan is a perfect blend of challenge and inspiration. I’m proud to lead diverse engineering projects and embrace the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity. Here, we empower each other to innovate, learn, and deliver top-notch results.



Guiding projects from plans to reality, I’m the bridge between vision and execution. Making our CEO’s dreams real, while fostering respect and positivity, makes my role more than a job – it’s my passion.

Contract Manager

ENG. AmMar Mashreqi

Bensyan’s values resonate deeply with me. I handle tenders and contracts while upholding the company’s integrity and commitment to equality. I’m part of a collaborative environment that fosters trust and exceptional project outcomes.

Site Manager

ENG. Fayez Al-Zoubi

My daily priorities are seeing projects come to life and ensuring safety and quality. The company’s commitment to respect, compassion, and diversity aligns perfectly with my values, rewarding my role.

Office Manager


I’m the behind-the-scenes support ensuring Bensyan’s operations run seamlessly. I appreciate the company’s emphasis on efficiency, excellence, and integrity. The diverse and inclusive workplace fosters teamwork and positive relationships, making my role meaningful and satisfying.

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